watercolor + acrylic on arches paper. #mayannlicudine

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Witch Going to the Sabbath, 1920

Remedios Varo

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Otomi Art in Querétaro | Mexico (by Boa Mistura)

The setting for Boa Mistura‘s latest project is La Colonia de las Américas on the outskirts of Querétaro, México. It is a humble community of working class people consisting of housing (much of which is self built) and small business: ‘misceláneas’ (grocery stores), taquerías, and cantinas. La Colonia de Las Américas is located across two sides of a hill, and has a ‘boomerang’ form overlooking the two main highways of the state; the ’5 de febrero’ road and ‘Bernardo Quintana’, which converge exactly at the apex of Las Américas — as a result the neighborhood is seen daily seen by thousands of people.

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